One of the things I learned during graduate school when I worked with families with children was that it was far easier to give advice about taking care of children than it was to follow my own advice.  Sometimes there is a disconnect between action and insight, particularly when you are rearing your own children.  I’m saying all of this because about 10 years ago, I was having a similar struggle with Frog.  It was actually far worse…
My Mom Made That: Don't Wake the Baby Sign

As I believe I’m mentioned before, Monkey is an easy-going, happy, loving baby.  He is a breeze compared to Frog, who also wasn’t really a “difficult” baby, but definitely not as go-with-the-flow as our little Monkey.  Unfortunately, between 3 and 4 months, Monkey developed bad acid reflux.  He went from sleeping 8 to 12 hours a night, mostly without waking up, to screaming if I put him down.  He couldn’t sleep on his back, he couldn’t sleep flat on his stomach, and even when he slept at a 30 degree angle, he’d still wake up screaming from the reflux.  It was such a rapid change that at first, I was convinced that he had an ear infection.  When he was awake, the reflux didn’t seem to bother him, so I didn’t pick up that was the problem until we went to the pediatrician.

We’ve now gone through 4 different prescriptions, and we’ve found one that is generally working.  However, his sleep has taken a turn for the worse.  As I’m writing this, we’re in the midst of “Ferberizing” Monkey.  His reflux is under control, and now he’s got to start sleeping without so much assistance– sleeping like he was when he was 2 and 3 months old.  It’s hard, as I tend to be more of an “attachment-style” parent, but if MM and I don’t sleep, we can’t be good parents.  Self-care is critical in caring for young children (I think we mothers tend to forget this!)

In addition to his struggles sleeping at night, Monkey can be a really light napper.  I tried to train him as a newborn to sleep with lots of noise around him, but it doesn’t take much to wake him up.  The two worst offenders of nap-time-ruiners are phone calls and the doorbell.  I used to think that no one actually came to the door anymore, but since I’ve been home with Monkey, I’ve realized that lots of people come a-knocking during the day.  Frequently it’s one of my parents, who never seem to remember that the baby might be sleeping, and that the door bell sets Buster into a barking frenzy.  (As for the phone, I just turn the ringer off during naptime!)

About 3 weeks ago, I reached my final straw, when Monkey was awoken yet again, so I decided that I wanted a little sign for the door.  I found a shop on Etsy that sold just the vinyl (she also sells the final product).  It’s called Create It Go. (BTW, she has a ton of other cute vinyl signs.)  I also picked up a wooden door hangers, and I decided that I wanted to make it a sleepy, peaceful design– even if the wording of the sign is a bit silly!

The whole family stopped by Michael’s after dinner, so I could pick up the right colored Martha Stewart paint– I couldn’t find a color I liked though.  I ended up buying a lighter blue pearl paint, and a darker blue satin paint.  I blended the two together, and I think it looks like a peaceful night sky. I love the coverage of Martha Stewart’s paint– I think it has the best coverage of all of the craft acrylics.  (Plus the Pearl and Metallic colors are spectacular!)

After I painted it, and put the Vinyl on. I don’t have a Silhouette or any fancy vinyl cutting machine, so I was a bit nervous about attaching it, but it all turned out.

I had a moon and star polymer clay mold, so I picked up two packages of Sculpty Primo: one in Mother of Pearl and the other in Lemonade.  I blended equal amounts of each to make a sparkly, pale yellow color.  I found that these little stars baked very quickly.  In fact, I burned the first batch until I had dark brown stars.  I think that everything baked in 4 minutes.  I attached the stars and moons with a little E3000, and stood back to admire my new sign.

It’s hanging on the back of the door until tomorrow’s nap time.  Doorbell-ringers beware: DON’T WAKE THE BABY!

Don't Wake the Baby

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