Around Valentine’s Day, I found this bookmark pin, and I thought that there were a number of awesome crafty possibilities with this idea.  Frog is an avid reader, and always has a couple of books that he’s working on.  He also likes collecting bookmarks.  I find lots of folded pieces of paper on his bedside table and in his pockets that say, “My bookmark: Do not touch!”  or “I was here.”  However, Frog doesn’t like girly things like hearts, so I decided to change things up a bit, and create a new version of the felt bookmark.

My Mom Made That: Felt Arrow Bookmoark

This is a super easy project.  I used some graph paper to measure out my design and get an arrow that I liked.  In fact, once I had a design that I liked, I drew a second one, just in case I made a mistake and damaged the pattern.

My Mom Made That: Felt Arrow Bookmark Step 2I cut the graph paper out, and attached it to a piece of poster board, and cut it out.  I then cut out one of the pattern in red felt, as red is his favorite color.  I pinned that one to a larger triangle of red felt, and stitched with my sewing machine around the tip of the arrow.  (In the graph paper design, this is indicated by the dashed line.)

My Mom Made That: Felt Arrow Bookmark 3

After the two pieces are stitched together, trim around the arrow.  I just found that this improved the quality of the fit between the two sides of the bookmark.  After I did this, I hand-stitched in silver metallic “Here,” and did a blanket stitch around the edge of the bookmark.  It ended up looking like this.

My Mom Made That: Felt Arrow Bookmark 4We wanted to see what it would look like when the book was closed, and how well it would work, so we tested it out.  It works pretty well, and it is easy to see where he stopped reading:

My Mom Made That: Felt Arrow Bookmark 5

I think we may be making a few more of these around here.  It was a fun project that took under two hours to complete!

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