You know, it seems to me that one can either blog about life, or live to blog…  I was reading Amy’s post at One Artsy Mama, Honestly, and it really struck a cord with me.  Just a few days prior to reading her post, I also read a post by KC over at the Real Thing with the Coake Family.  I follow both of these blogs, and for the most part they are dedicated to the crafty side of the mom life– the part that appeals to me.  However, I really like that both women took some time to share with us about things going on with them personally, either in terms of being a blogger and in the blogging community, as Amy wrote about, or from being a SAHM who homeschools from KC’s point of view.

It gets really, really intimidating to blog about your life, and to blog solely about your delicious recipes or wonderful projects.  I can’t keep up with that.  I’m going to run out of projects, crafts and recipes.  I’m constantly blown away by the level of creativity I see in women out there, and I’m glad to know that sometimes, as Amy mentioned in her post, what you see isn’t always the entire story!  With the realization that I CAN’T blog about recipes and crafts on a daily basis, and realizing how much I enjoyed the intermittent personal post that discussed what was going on in lieu of blogging, I’ve decided to consistently include a post about things that are going on ’round here right now….

  • Frog, AKA my big kid, is off on spring break right now– our district must have the latest spring break around!  He’s traveled down to Florida to visit his grandparents. It’s quiet around here without him.  He’s very into golf right now, and is playing all week with his grandfather.  I know that he’s having a fabulous time.  (I have to admit that I’m feeling guilty for not having a cute golf-y photo of him.  Unfortunately, he’s 10, and even if I did have a recent one, he’d kill me if I were to post it.)
  • Monkey, AKA my little kid, is loving his baby safe feeder.  I wish I had pictures to share of him chowing down on cantaloupe, honeydew and bananas.  He has also found that it works well as a percussion instrument with his high chair tray.  (In case you were wondering, it is a pain to clean, but bananas are the worst.  Melons rinse out easily with soap.)
  • My wonderful mother-in-law sent me a Turbie Twist in one of her goodie boxes.  I am one of those people who needs two bath towels in the morning– one for my hair and one for my body.  This thing is fabulous!  I’m thinking about ordering a spare one from Amazon because it works so much better than a big towel.  It doesn’t have the weight of the regular-sized towel, nor the bulk.  I highly recommend them!  Even better, she got me one one in my favorite color of purple!  (I can promise you, that there will never, ever, ever, be pictures of me in the Turbie Twist on this site!)
  • Spring has sprung here in Atlanta.   Spring is one of my favorite times of year.  I think that if I hadn’t grown up in the Southeast, I wouldn’t have such an appreciation for it.  When I lived in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, I found that Spring tended to be a soggy, mushy season that lasted only a few weeks.  ‘Round here, we get a full 12-16 weeks of glorious spring before the oppressive heat and humidity settles upon us.  Unfortunately the downside of this season is the intense pine pollen that coats everything.  Our cars are yellow right now!  Poor Buster is allergic to pollen and gets itchy sores.  (He’s woken me up the last two nights because he was shaking the bed with his itching!)  I have to give him Benedryl every day– who knew that it worked great on dogs too!

My Mom Made That: Southern Pine Pollen

  • MM, who is generally opposed to car stickers, has just put Apple stickers on his car to represent our family.  I love them.  I can’t help but smile every time I see them.  I think we may have enough stickers to do one on my car too– unfortunately, I’ll probably have to remove a few stickers to make room!  I’m a woman who is proud to show my support for things with large, gaudy bumper stickers.  (Can you see that nasty pine pollen that is coating his car…)

My Mom Made That: Our Apple Family

  • Monkey has been successfully Ferberized!  We’re still working on nap time, and he goes down for naps better for me than for anyone else.  However, this has meant that I have my evening hours free, and I’m able to get a lot more done.  (I’m still torn between Dr. Sears and Dr. Ferber, as I do enjoy cosleeping…)
  • The biggest news, and the one that has been distracting me quite a bit, is that I have converted to the dark side– I now have an iPhone.  I loved my Blackberry, but let’s face it, Blackberrys are not the future.  I needed to move forward with the technology.  Frog’s iPod Touch made me think that I would really like the iPhone, and I do.  I really miss the Qwerty keyboard of the BB, but the camera on the iPhone more than makes up for the keyboard.  Monkey, who loves all things technological was fascinated by the Apple store!

My Mom Made That: Monkey visits Apple

  •  Have I ever mentioned that I’m a klutz?  Well, I am.  That’s one of the reasons that I was very reluctant about getting an iPhone– the risk of me breaking the glass.  MM recommended that I get an Otterbox, and I did get one.  I got the commuter series, and it came in my favorite color– Purple!  Love it!  My Mom Made That: Purple iPhone Case
  • The other great thing about getting an iPhone is my ability to get into the Instagram scene!  I was so excited to try out the app, and see what other folks have been sharing with their accounts.  One of my first photos was one of my new iPhone charger that I personalized with washi tape.  (For some reason that neither MM nor I can figure out, our Apple chargers disappear like hotcakes around here.  We should have about 7, but we only can ever seem to find 3.)  If you are interested in following me on Instagram, I’ve added the little camera symbol up on the sidebar!  Look over there —>

My Mom Made That: Instagram Charger

 Well, we are in the midst of a wonderful spring thunder storm (and tornado watch), which is typical of the spring here in Atlanta.  I had better hit publish before we lose power.  Luckily it will wash some of that pollen away…