When Frog was three, I made him a door hanger.  It had a castle and knight theme and said, “Welcome to my Kingdom.”  It still hangs on his door.  He seems to appreciate the homemade things!  I hope that Monkey will appreciate the homemade gifts too, like the Good Night Moon Painting that I made for him recently. Only time will tell!

When I started to work on the “Don’t Wake the Baby Sign,” I actually purchases two wooden door hangers.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the other one.  Perhaps made a second sign for the front door, the door that we rarely use?  Well, Frog asked when I was going to make a sign for Monkey’s realm.  I probably will make a more child-centered door hanger once Monkey is a toddler, but I thought of what might go well with his nursery and I remembered that I had a variety of Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl paints in green.  I had also picked up a MDF “C” from Michael’s for Monkey’s first name, and realized it would fit perfectly on the door hanger.  I decided to make an “ombre” door hanger for the nursery door.

My Mom Made That: Ombre Door Hanger

I used the Mother of Pearl colored paint as the base coat and covered the entire door hanger with the white. It needed two coats to get good coverage at the top. Once the second coat was completed dry, I then painted the very top of the door hanger with a third coat of the white, and the rest of the door hanger with the palest green. I mixed the pale green and white to create a blurred Ombre effect.  I let the pale green dry overnight, and then repeated this step for the two other shades of green, blending each lighter green with the darker green color.  I then painted the “C” with the Mother of Pearl white paint, and trimmed the edges in silver.  Once everything was dry, I used wood glue to attach the “C.”  Remember, a little wood glue goes a long way!  I always seem to forget this, and end up using too much.

The colors match Monkey’s green nursery, and the sign looks cute on his door when we enter.  Until I see what Monkey likes to play with as a toddler, the sign will remind everyone that we are entering Monkey’s realm.