I realized that one of the things that I have never shared on the blog was something special about our humble home.  We live in the house that my grandparents purchased shortly before it was completely built.  My father remembers the house before it had any grass or plants yard other than Georgia red clay, and some smaller trees.  That was over 50 years ago, and the trees are huge, and the house has been a home to 4 generations of my family.

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My grandmother was the perfect homemaker. At least that’s how I saw her growing up.  She kept an immaculate house.  It’s hard living, literally in her shadow, or at least her home.  I have a tough time keeping up and maintaining things with the Monkey underfoot in a way that she would approve.


My grandmother’s engagement photo from the 1940’s

Now she and my grandfather picked our house out before it was finished being build, so they had things done by the builder that were specific requests for them both.  For example, my grandfather loved books, and we have many built-in bookcases.  We also have a huge pantry.  My father told me that my grandmother requested that it be added to the kitchen, and based on the neighbor’s homes that were all built around the same time, by the same builder, I can say that our huge pantry is an exceptional feature of our home.  When I was a little girl, I used to play house in the pantry, and I had room to create a small pallet to “sleep” on.

Pantry Remodel Before 4

One of the features of the pantry is that it has a hook up for  a washer and dryer.  However, to the best of my knowledge, they have never been used. This feature led to a lot of unused open space in the center of the pantry, and I’ve felt that we weren’t maximizing our storage in there.

Pantry Remodel Before 3

I started talking to Mellow Man about reconfiguring the pantry a few months ago.  It was so messy and so cluttered that I was starting to dread bringing groceries home from the store and unpacking them.  I wasn’t sure where to put things.  What you don’t see in these pictures is the floor of the pantry.  It was becoming an area where things were just piling up on the floor of the pantry, and I wasn’t sure what we did and didn’t have.

Pantry Remodel Before 2I’m sorry for the quality of the photos too– I just don’t get as excited about photographing a messy before shot! Hopefully, you can see what I’m referring to– Lots of open and unused space in the center of the closet, and then overly crowded shelves.  Even the shelves on the pantry doors were stuffed.

Pantry Remodel Before 1Well, when I told Mellow Man that I wanted to revamp the pantry, he asked me to draw him a picture of what I wanted the pantry to look like.  I got out the graph paper, and drew a quick sketch.  Then we measured how long and wide we wanted the shelves to be.  Once we double and triple checked our measurements, we headed out to Home Depot to get the materials that we needed to rebuild my pantry.  Do you have a pantry storage space?  Do you like how it is organized right now?  I’m thrilled to be able to saw that I love how my new and improved pantry turned out–The finished shots are coming tomorrow! 🙂