I have a kid who throws.  He also has started having tantrums and hitting.  Ah, the joys of toddlerhood have arrived.  One of the things that he likes to throw is his sippy cup.  And let me tell you Monkey can really throw far!  This is a problem when the Monkey is eating in his high chair, but it is particularly problematic when we are going somewhere and he is riding in his stroller.  In fact, the other day while waiting in the DMV, the Monkey sent his sippy cup across the room, where it landed on a very dirty floor.  Enter the sippy cup leash, and there are lots of varieties of them out there.  Just do a quick Pinterest search!  I made one with bias tape I already had an a package of sew in snaps.  That’s it!

My Mom Made That: Sippy Cup Leash TutorialThis project only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.  You can make your leash any length you want.  I didn’t want the leash to be long enough to drag when it was tossed from the stroller.  Our stroller isn’t extremely larger or complicated, and and is a high quality umbrella stroller, so it’s lower to the ground (Note: the link is an affiliate link to my Amazon Affiliate account.)  If you have a large, high off the ground stroller like a Quinny, you might want a longer leash.

My Mom Made That: Sippy Cup Leash Tutorial

You start by measuring out your length of bias tape and sew it closed together using your sewing machine.  This is very quick and easy to do, but don’t rush too much.  You’ll want to create a loop at one end of the tape by tucking the end of the bias tape back into the rest of the bias tape and sewing it shut:

Sippy Cup Leash Loop

The purpose of this loop is to secure the  leash to the side of the stroller or the stroller straps.  On the other end, you’ll just create a flat across end without a loop.  I added snaps to this end.  Do add the snaps, I measured out several of Monkey’s sippy cups, as I wanted to make sure that I placed the snaps in the correct locations.  I then used a pen to mark the positions of the snaps.  I hand sewed the snaps in place.  As you can see in the primary picture, there are several different snap ends to insure that the leash fits multiple sized cups.

Sippy Cup Leash on Nuby CupThat’s it!  A yard of bias tape, matching thread, snaps and twenty minutes is all I needed!  Hopefully this tool will help rein in the tossing and throwing from the stroller.  I’ll let you know if it makes any difference.   Do you have a kid who loves to throw?