I was compensated to participate in the review of Bing Smart Search as a part of Linqia; however, all views expressed in this post are 100% my own.

I’ve been working on homemade Christmas teacher gifts for the boys,  This year, the Big One has four teachers, and the Little Monkey has three teachers, so I need to come up with seven small gifts for teachers.  Plus, this year, my fifth grader, the Big One, has two men for teachers. It’s a first for us, as up until this point, he’s had only women as teachers. I think it’s great though for him to have a little male influence in his classroom experience, but I started to wonder if male teachers enjoyed the scented hand sanitizer or candles that I have gotten for previous teachers.  That got me to wondering– What do male teachers like for Christmas gifts?  Well, I decided to do a quick search using Bing Smart Search.   Bing’s Smart Search in the new Windows is a faster way to find what you’re looking for and get things done on your touch device.  It’s like other search engines out there, but the overall experience is a bit different.  It’s more visual, and it worked like a charm to help me find the perfect DIY gifts for his teachers!

Super Hero Mugs for Male Teacher Gifts Title

I actually went to my local Microsoft store to learn about Bing Smart Search, and the wonderful staff told me all about the new Bing Smart Search that is available on any PC or tablet with Microsoft 8.1.  This was the first time that I had used a Microsoft tablet with Windows 8.1, and I enjoyed getting to experiment with the software and machine.  The staff showed me how to access the Bing Smart Search without opening a web browser.  Yup, that’s right, you don’t even need to go to your web browser to see the results of your search term.  When you enter your search term, you get visual results that help you quickly locate exactly what you are looking for. When I typed in “Christmas gift ideas for male teachers,”  this what the Bing Smart Search revealed.  First, I saw a list of possible pages.  With just a click, I could go to the page, and see the idea, in a new tab:

Christmas Gifts for Male Teachers Bing Smart Search 1

Then I swiped and moved to images, and I saw a huge collection of images of possible teacher gifts.

Christmas Gifts for Male Teachers Bing Smart Search 2

Plus, Bing Smart Search allowed me to filter my search terms!  I thought that this was the coolest feature of the new Bing Smart Search.  I experimented by narrowing down the search images to different colors, and the collage of images changed on the screen!

Christmas Gifts for Male Teachers with Bing Smart Search 3

Browsing through the dozens of images before me, I ended up going to two great blogs for inspiration.  First, I was visually drawn to the title image for this post where I learned that male teachers might like coffee and coffee mugs. Then I saw the awesome superhero image from this post.  I loved the idea of doing something with a super hero theme, so I came up with a superhero mug!  Bing Smart Search worked like a charm, and allowed me to combine the two different ideas that I saw in the image collage.  I found some inexpensive porcelain mugs, and used some scrap pieces of vinyl to create a layering technique using a Silhouette cut file.

Super Hero Mugs for Male Teachers 1

I took the blue background, and with transfer tape, I carefully layered the yellow vinyl piece onto of the blue vinyl.  It’s much harder to get it perfect when you are using vinyl, so go slow!

Super Hero Mugs for Male Teachers 2

Then I very carefully used another, larger piece of transfer tape to add the red initial onto the background vinyl pieces.  Go very slowly, and don’t press down.  I generally make a few mistakes and need to lift and reposition as I go.

Super Hero Mugs for Male Teachers 3

Finally, I took my scraper tool, and placed the vinyl pattern onto my mug. Again, going very slowly, and smoothing out the bubbles very carefully. If you decide to give this as a present, you’ll need to indicate that this mug is not dishwasher safe, and need to be handwashed due to the vinyl.  However, I think it’s a perfect personalized gift for the Big One’s two male teachers. Who knows, these might even work for female teachers too!

Super Hero Mug for Male Teachers 4

Learn more about the advantages of using Bing Smart Search here.  Thanks to Bing for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to find some exciting holiday crafts. #ThisIsBing