Guess what?  Well, I’m sure that you already know, and it’s probably already marked on your calendar, but just in case it slipped your mind… SEASON 4 of DOWNTON ABBEY starts on Sunday.  Yup, this Sunday, the one in 3 days.  Well, here in the US anyways.  I know that it’s already been shown in the UK, and Season 5 is going to be filming in just a few weeks, but I haven’t seen any spoilers. I’m totally clueless about what is going to happen.  I’m going to get caught up on the last two episodes of Downton Abbey, just to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything.  I’m really sad that Matthew is dead.  It weighs on me.  I worry about that sweet baby boy that was just born.  I can’t imagine being at the hospital with my newborn and being filled with such joy and grief at the same time.  The show is addictive.  The show is awesome.  The show is something that appeals to women of all ages and quite a few men.
A  Tossed Salad Life: Downton Abbey Craft Ideas Round Up

Now, I got to thinking that I really like the show, and I wanted to do some crafts that are inspired by the show.  I hopped over to Pinterest, and searched some of my favorite blogs to find some inspiration.  Here’s what I found– we bloggers clearly love the show, as the number of recipes and printables will attest, but the actual DIY or crafty projects that are inspired by Downton Abbey are rather limited.  I did find some excellent projects out there, but not nearly the number that I expected to find.  Craft bloggers, let’s get creating!  Here a few fabulous Downton Abbey inspired crafts that you might want to try out.

#1: I love the opening credits where the bells start tinkling.  I can’t help but wonder how the system works in such a big house.  Over at Atta Girl Says, Amy made a memo board that is inspired by the Butler’s bell on Downton Abbey.  Wouldn’t this look adorable in your kitchen command center?

Downton Abbey Craft Roundup:  Image Originally from Atta Girl Says, Downton-Abbey-inspired-Butlers-Bell-Memo-Board

#2:  Emily over at The Benson Street created this gorgeous Downton Abbey inspired headband.  Isn’t it lovely?  This would be perfect to wear with your gloves and gown to a lovely dinner party.  Love it… plus, there are so many great bead choices that you could make with this type of design.

Downton Abbey Inspired Craft Round Up: Project originally at The Benson Street,

 #3: Now, if you are interested in the downstairs version of a hair accessory, Shannon over at Madigan Made created a headband inspired by the maids’ caps on Downton Abbey.  The help at Downton often looks nicer than I do when I go to dinner parties, so maybe I should try out one of their dresses?!Downton Abbey Craft Round Up: Project Originally from Madigan Made, Downton Abbey Maid Pleated Headband

#4: Perhaps you need a tea-towel to use when you serve guests at your tea party?  What about one with some of the fabulous quotes from Downton Abbey?  You know, the Dowager Countess has said quite a few zingers over the past three seasons!  At Design Mom, they show you how to make a number of darling linen napkins with Violet Crawley quotes, but you could easily make them into tea towels

Downton Abbey Inspired Crafts: Project Originally from Design MOm, Downton Abbey Napkins

#5:  I also found these Mrs. Hughes Teacup Candles.  One more great crafty element for your Downton Abbey inspired decor!

Downton Abbey Craft Inpsiration Round Up: Downton Abbey Mrs Hughes Teacups by Cinema and Spice

#6: Now, if you really need your fan gear, this necklace at Resin Crafts will surely knock your socks off.  It’s amazing.  While it’s not necessarily a period piece, it definitely is an incredible collection of Downton Abbey moments!

Downton Abbey Inspired Craft Round Up: Originally Posted on Resin Crafts

With these lovely Downton Abbey projects in front of me, I can’t wait to get crafting to make my own.  Perhaps I should wait and see the season opener on Sunday.  Who knows that other inspiration will strike?  Happy viewing!

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