I love a quick and easy main course, particularly when the dish ends up tender and tasty, and this particular Heinz 57 recipe is both delicious and super easy.  My grandmother made it every year for New Year’s Day until she was unable to cook New Year’s Dinner anymore.  I wish I knew why pork was served on New Year’s Day.  I’m not sure of the meaning behind that tradition, but I know that many Southern families prefer to serve a pork dish on New Year’s Day.   Regardless of the reason behind serving portk, the rest of my family still carries on my grandmother’s tradition of serving this Pork Dish on New Year’s Day.  As for the origin of the Heinz 57 Pork Tenderloin recipe, I have no source, other than my grandmother, and she didn’t even write it down.  Did I mention that the best part is that the entire recipe only requires three ingredients?

My Mom Made That: Heinz 57 Pork Tenderloin


  • 2/3 Cup Heinz 57 Sauce
  • 1/3 Cup Honey
  • 1 Pork Tenderloin (2 pounds or so)

Yup that’s it. Three ingredients!  I mix the Heinz 57 and Honey with a whisk in a measuring cup.

My Mom Made That: Heinz 57 Pork Tenderloin

 Then I just pour and coat the pork tenderloin with the sauce, and then cover the pork tenderloin with aluminum foil.  Once covered, I cook in the over at 275 degrees for an hour and twenty minutes, basting the meat and turning it over, after 40 minutes.  After an hour and twenty minutes, I cook the pork tenderloin uncovered for another 40 to 60 minutes at 325.    I also baste the meat one more time.  The reason I have learned to cook covered at a low temperature, and then cook uncovered at a slightly higher temperature, as the sauce evaporates and burns if I cook it uncovered the entire time at 325.  Conversely the sauce becomes too thin and watery if you keep it covered.  This ratio of temperature and covered/uncovered seems to yield the right consistency of sauce and the right tenderness of meat.

My Mom Made That: Heinz 57 Pork Tenderloin

Here’s what it looks like right when I comes out of the oven.  I then rolled it over again, and basted it one more time before cutting it.  Again, super quick and extremely tasty.

I have cooked this recipe in the crockpot, but my experience is that the sauce doesn’t thicken as well.  Other than that difference, it can be cooked in your slow cooker to make it even easier.

Does your family serve a pork dish on New Year’s Day?

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