I can’t imagine not having my iPhone.  It is the most wonderful device I’ve ever had.  When I got it last year, it really revolutionized my thinking about smart phones.  Mellow Man had been convincing me of getting one for a few years, but I had been hesistant, namely due to the fact that I’m hard on things.  I was worried that my iPhone would break.  Enter the life-saving Otter Box.  I love my Otter Box.  It is second only to the iPhone in my list of fabulous products.  I have the commuter series, and it’s in my favorite colors. My Mom Made That: Easy Vinyl Monogrammed iPhone Case

It’s been 9 months, and my iPhone has taken a beating.  The Little Monkey throws it on a daily basis.  I drop it, and it falls off the kitchen table and counters.  Believe it or not, it’s been protected.  It’s not gotten a scratch of ding.  Sadly, the Otter Box can’t say the same.  It’s been nicked and chipped, and I started to worry that it might not protect my phone.  I decided to replace the Otter Box since it’s easier and cheaper to replace the case than the phone. My Mom Made That: Easy Vinyl Monogrammed iPhone Case When this one arrived, it was just as pretty in color as my old one, but I though that Portia, my silhouette Portrait to add a bit of personalization.  I created a monogram with permanent vinyl, and sized it to fit the back of the Otter Box.  I did measure it to make sure that it was the right size, and I still got it too big the first time.  It is much easier to measure twice, cut once, rather than the other way around! My Mom Made That: Easy Vinyl Monogrammed iPhone CaseThe whole project too about 15 minutes.  I love the look of the personalized case, and I love knowing that my phone is protected by the awesome Otter Box.  Oh, and I just love the Otter Box case, I was sharing my opinion of the project, and was not compensated in any way for talking about this product!

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