As I mentioned early this week, I’m in full Valentine’s Day decorating mode around here.  I think Mellow Man is a little surprised by all of the decorations that I’ve been putting up, but each one that I finish makes me smile.  Today I’m going to show you a quick way to add a little touch with a painted canvas, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist!  I used my Silhouette and vinyl to do the detailed heart designs, and simply used the paint to accent the Vinyl cut by my friend, Portia, my Silhouette Portrait.

My Mom Made That: Valentine's Day Heart Vinyl and Paint Canvases

To make this project all you need is:

  • A painter’s canvas– I used a back-stapled canvases that was a 6-inch square, for each heart.
  • Vinyl– I used red, glossy permanent vinyl.
  • Acrylic Craft Paint– I used Martha Stewart Pearl Paint in Aquarium and Pink Taffeta.

My Mom Made That: Valentine's Day Heart Vinyl and Paint CanvasesUsing the pale blue and pink paints, I painted the two canvases.  I started by applying two light coats of the blue paint.  I was sure to paint around the edges of the canvas, as the back-stapled canvas has a 1/2″ lip.  Once the blue paint was nearly dry, I took a second brush and lighted spread some of the pink paint over the blue paint.  This was mainly to just accent the blue, as I still wanted the blue paint to be the primary color.

My Mom Made That: Valentine's Day Heart Vinyl and Paint Canvases

I used two heart designs, and sized both of the hearts to be approximately 5 and a half inches across.  I cut the vinyl hearts, and then weeded the two designs.  Using transfer tape, I positioned the hearts onto the painted canvases.

There are two Vinyl tips that you might find helpful when doing this project.  First, the transfer tape has one inch squares, so using these measurements, you can cut out a size that fits your canvas to help get a well-centered fit.  I cut two pieces of transfer tape that were 6 squares wide and 6 squares long.  Second, with this canvas, it is hard to use the scraper to securely attach the vinyl.  To help the the vinyl attach to the canvas I used the scraper tool on top, and pressed my hand on the underside of the canvas.

My Mom Made That: Valentine's Day Heart Vinyl and Paint Canvases

That’s it, I ended up with two small 6-inch canvases that were perfect additions for our front entry decorations.  You can see that I added them to my Valentine’s Day Heart Tree, that I’ll tell you about tomorrow.  As I said, every time I walk through the entryway, I look at my little canvases and smile. What do you think of them?

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