I received compensation in the form of a Free Snack Keeper for this review.

As you might remember, from my badge on my sidebar, I’m a Nuby Mommy blogger, so every once in a while, I bring my wonderful readers information on a terrific product that my Little Monkey is using.  Right now, we’re loving our Nuby Snack Keeper.  It’s awesome for snacking and limiting the mess that the Little Monkey makes when he eats puffs or crackers in the car or around town.  The unique Snack Keeper™ cup has a way to keep his toddler-portion-sized snacks inside the container without being dumped all over the floor or the car.  It’s also great when you are pushing your kiddo in the stroller, and he drops his snack– with the Snack Keeper it doesn’t go everywhere.  Basically, it works by having soft flaps on the top that help chubby, little hands grab the snacks without sending all of them everywhere.  The Nuby Snack Keeper holds 9 oz. of dry snacks and it has a soft rubbery-like bottom that protects the tabletops from scratches or damage.

My Mom Made That: Personalized Nuby Snack Keeper #NubyUSA
We’ve traveled all over with the Little Monkey’s Snack Keeper.  He really loves being able to feed himself snacks at his own pace, and I love not having to worry about it making a mess.  I attach the snack keeper to the Little Monkey’s stroller with the sippy cup leash that I made for his Nuby Insulated Soft Sipper. With the Snack Keeper securely attached to the stroller, I know that the Monkey will enjoy his puffs or crackers without them ending all over everything, and the Snack Keeper won’t get lost.  We took the Little Monkey’s Snack Keeper with us to see Santa, to the pumpkin patch, and even to Disney World.  It’s an excellent travel companion.

My Mom Made That: Personalized Nuby Snack Keeprer #NubyUSA

It also works just around the house, when Monkey wants to watch Barney and have a quick snack in his Cozy Coupe!  He loves getting to do it “all by himself.”  I do want to mention that until the Monkey turned one, he didn’t have the dexterity to use his Snack Keeper without some help.

The Snack Keeper is very easy to fill too.  All I have to do is pull the top off and pour in some puff (the Monkey’s favorite snack).

My Mom Made That: Personalized Nuby Snack Keeprer #NubyUSA
Being Vinyl obsessed, I found a cute Goldfish cut file to use with my Portrait to personalize Monkey’s Snack Keeper. It reads “Snack Time” because that’s what it’s for!  Monkey has the green and yellow snack keeper, but they come in four different colors, and all of them are pretty gender neutral!  Which one do you like best?
My Mom Made That: Personalized Nuby Snack Keeprer #NubyUSA

If you are interested in learning more about the Nuby Snack Keeper, you can visit their website.You can also follow Nuby USA on Twitter @NubyUSA and on Facebook at Nuby USA.  If you are interested in getting your own Nuby Snack Keeper, they are available at the following retailers: www.BuyBabyDirect.com, www.diapers.com, www.amazon.com, www.idealbaby.com, www.babyearth.com, buybuy Baby, Bealls, TJ Maxx, Sears, DD’s Discounts, Family Dollar, Ross Dress for Less, and Blain’s Farm & Fleet.