I received compensation from Linqia and Alpine Lace to write this post and share my views on the Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese; however all opinions are 100% my own.

Reuben sandwiches are one of favorite deli treats!  I love pastrami, and I love melted Swiss cheese, and I love sauerkraut.  Oh and Rye bread, isn’t it the best?  While the sandwich is one of my favorites, it isn’t really the healthiest meal.  I’ve learned that in my active life, trying to get lots of things done, with the Little Monkey in tow that eating better helps me run better.  I’m trying to make switches to increase my energy and improve my sleep.  For example, I’m getting salads instead of sandwiches if we hit the drive through after the Big One’s basketball practices.  I found at a consignment sale this sweet little push car, so that the Little Monkey and I can take nice walks every day.  To give me some fuel on our daily outings, I decided to try to make a slightly lower fat version of my favorite Reuben sandwich to give me some lunchtime energy with new Reduced Fat Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese!

My Mom Made That: Turkey Reuben Tasty Reduced Fat Sandwich

I used Turkey with Pastrami Seasoning.  It definitely tastes a little different than traditional pastrami, but it has all of the great seasoning and is very similar to Pastrami.  Plus it is much healthier for me.  It has 80% less fat than the Pastrami that I typically buy at my deli.

My Mom Made That: Turkey Reuben Tasty Reduced Fat SandwichFor cheese, I used the Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss CheeseAlpine Lace® Deli Cheese is a high-quality, wholesome cheese that provides enough flavor to make you think that you are getting all of the fun of the regular version with extra energy and health from a reduced fat selection.

My Mom Made That: Turkey Reuben Tasty Reduced Fat SandwichThen I added some sauerkraut, which isn’t high in calories or fat, but one does need to monitor the sodium content!  (For example, about a tablespoon of sauerkraut has around 4% of your daily sodium intake.)   Now my blood pressure isn’t a concern, but it’s always a good idea to watch how much salt you are actually using.  For example, Mellow Man’s blood pressure is much more sensitive than mine, so I’m trying to make better sodium choices for our family these days.

My last ingredients were a reduced fat mayonnaise, spread lightly on Rye bread.  I prefer mayonnaise to Thousand Island dressing, so that’s what makes it “Emily’s Turkey Reuben.”  I like Thousand Island dressing, but I’m a Southern girl, and a little mayo always hits the spot.

Now it’s easy to make, simply spread the mayonnaise on the rye bread.  Add a few slices of Turkey Pastrami.  Top with 2 Tablespoons of the sauerkraut, and then add two slices of Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese.  I cook mine open faced in the toaster, at 300 degrees for 10 minutes.

My Mom Made That: Turkey Reuben Tasty Reduced Fat Sandwich

While you are sitting around waiting, let your little kiddo recharge by nibbling some yummy Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese.

My Mom Made That: Turkey Reuben Tasty Reduced Fat Sandwich

All set for some fresh air and your walk now?  I know my Monkey is!  If you are interested in trying some reduced fat Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese!

Thank you to Alpine Lace for sponsoring this post and helping me find a balanced snack to fuel my day!