I’m excited today to be a part of the Summer Fun series that is being hosted by Emily over at Nap-Time Creations.  Today there are four other summer-inspired projects that you can visit on four other blogs (links are at the bottom of the page!)  Our family is planning on taking a brief vacation to the beach this summer, and I wanted to make sure that the Little Monkey was dressed in style with some beachy attire.  I found a pair of swim trunks and a matching beach hat with a happy looking crab on it, and I really thought that the Little Monkey needed a matching Onesie.  Using flocked HTV and my Silhouette Portrait, I was easily able to whip up a onesie that will go perfect with his beach clothes.  This particular pattern required me to build upon the HTV process that I used to make the Captain America Romper.  Here’s how I made a flocked HTV onesie without layering the HTV.

My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie

The first step actually cause me to make a mistake!  I had to start over, as it didn’t work the way that I thought it would.  I wanted to share it with you, as I thought others might be able to learn from it.

As you know when cutting HTV with your Silhouette, you need to make a mirror image (or horizontal flip) in order to get writing to be legible.  As you may also know when you want your text to curve around a circle, you pull the text to the shape and it will automatically wrap.  However, have you ever tried to flip it after it’s wrapped?  Well, if it is already curved, and you flip it, and then cut it out, it won’t look right.  I can assure you of this fact  because I wasn’t paying careful attention, and wasted a large piece of HTV!

If you decide to make curved text in HTV, what you need to do is actually flip the text first, and then after you have flipped it, wrap the text around the circle.  This flip will turn out.
My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie
The crab image from the Silhouette Online store actually required layering, so I ended up needing to “cut” the pupil shape of the whites crab’s eyes. This allowed me to avoid layering the flocked HTV. This also insured that every piece would fit into place perfectly. I first positioned the blue, “Too Cute to be Crabby” phrase on the onesie. I used the tag to center it, and then used a ruler to double check my positioning.

My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie
Then the red crab body was ironed on.  I needed to pay careful attention to the crab’s legs to make sure they were securely attached.

My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie

The next step is to position the whites of the eyes, and they fit snugly against the crab’s body.  I ironed them into place, and I had to be careful to get them securely positioned as well.  I find that the smaller the HTV piece, the greater the likelihood that it will peel up a bit.
My Mom Made That: Crabby OnesieI cut the two pupils out separately, and positioned each one into place. I didn’t keep them as a single piece of HTV to position because I was too worried about potentially moving them and the designs not lining up perfectly. By placing each pupil separately, I was able to get the pupils to fit into the eyes without layering!
My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie

Of course I have to include a few action shots of the Little Monkey in his “Too Cute to be Crabby” onesie.  He gave it a test run at the zoo.  Ironically, he was pretty irritable and crabby, so we didn’t get the easy smiles that he is known for:

My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie
I am looking forward to having him wear the complete outfit with matching hat and swim trunks on our vacation. I’ll be sure to share pictures on Instagram!

My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie

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