Guess what!?  I have a cool announcement.  I’m writing this post from my awesome new MacBook Pro.  Yup, I’ve made the switch after a lifetime on a PC.  This is a bit of a transition, but I’m in love with my new computer.  So much so, that I’m sharing a new project today over at the Silhouette School while Melissa is on vacation.  I’d love it so much if you’d stop over there and visit me.  Here’s a hint– it’s a tribute to one of my favorite books.    I also promised the readers of the Silhouette School that I’d show them another vinyl decal that I made for the Big One’s laptop.  (I had been borrowing his laptop while I was between laptops, and he’s so excited to get it back!)  It is a tribute to one of his favorite computer games: Minecraft.

My Mom Made That: Laptop Vinyl Decals (Minecraft Inspired)

The tutorial and vinyl recommendations are over at the Silhouette School, but if you are interested in the cut file for the Minecraft creeper, I have a free one available here.  I’ve gotten a ton of use out of this cut file, as I also used it to make the Big One’s back to school supplies that I shared a few weeks ago.

Now that I have our laptops all personalized with vinyl, my next step is to make an iPad decal for the Mellow Man.  His request is one that is Super Mario brother’s inspired, so I’m trying to come up with ideas for his decal.  If you have any suggestions, be sure to send them my way!