The last few months have brought a big change in our house.  One that I will be discussing in many upcoming posts.  Namely, the Little Peanut arrived in January.  Going from two boys to three boys has been a significant transition for me.  Getting us loaded into the Mommy Van is a commitment, even if just running errands to the dry cleaner, gas station or Publix.  We’ve also been going on outings with a local playgroup for picnics and adventures in our neighborhood parks, and that requires a bit more preparation and may more supplies.  I’ve learned that planning is required. as  I really don’t want to have to make unnecessary stops.

My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSave

The things that I always have with me now in “My New Blue Van”, as it is called by the Little Monkey (besides diapers, wipes and a pacifier), include:

A change of clothes for both of the little boys.  The Little Peanut has his brother’s Acid Reflux, so he goes through a lot of clothes.  Plus, with the warmer weather, my active little toddler, gets covered in dirt and pollen while playing, so the Little Monkey also needs a change of clothes.

An extra top for me and two burp cloths.  This prepares ME for any spit up or reflux that the Little Peanut may experience.  If I don’t have a change of clothes, I’m in trouble.

Cups for me and the Little Monkey.  We travel with two cups of water.  Plus, if we run out, we can always fill up at the  park, and most stores have water fountains.

Reusable Shopping Bags!  Sometimes I forget these, but those shopping bags are so useful for everything.  They hold more than the plastic bags, can be used everywhere, and are great for emergencies– like an impromptu Easter Egg hunt at the park last week! I let carrying the bags into Publix be a task for the Little Monkey.

My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSave
A First Aid Kit.  This is my “mommy” first aid kit.  It contains bandaids, children’s tylenol (just in case), hand santizer, handiwipes, sunscreen, and “boo boo spray,” which is actually just a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.  The Little Monkey believes that “boo boo spray” can cure everything. (Remember the bottle of Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)

Sunglasses and Sun Hats.  The Little Monkey is always wanting his “dark eyes” when he is out and about.  He complains that, “The Sun too bright,” now that Spring has arrived.  Plus, he loves being all cool and grown-up in his shades.  For the Little Peanut, a sunhat stays on a bit longer than his baby shades, so we use those.

A small trashcan.  I bought a tiny plastic bathroom garbage can for about $3.  I keep it in the car to collect any trash (or dirty diapers) that might accumulate while we are out.  It helps keep the car tidy.

My Moby Wrap.  My stroller is in the trunk of my minivan always.  I’ve learned that sometimes it is easier to wear the Little Peanut, so that I have all hands free to chase the Little Monkey.  I’ve never really been a baby wearer, but now that I’m using my Moby Wrap, I’m in love! (I’m still working on how to take a selfie while wearing the Little Peanut.)

My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSave

Snacks.  Inside the center console of my minivan is a host of different snack choices for me and the Little Monkey.  (We still have emergency “Fries!” breaks, but a good selection of snacks provides some quick choices when we get hungry while we are out and about.  The Little Monkey also tends not to eat breakfast, even when forced, so I will often pack up a quick breakfast for him to eat once we have arrived at the playground or park.  I like snacks that I can just grab and go. Some of the easiest choices to travel with are fruit or yogurt.  He’s particularly fond of Yoplait yogurt (as you can probably tell from the picture below).  French Vanilla is his absolute favorite, but he is also a big fan of the new Yoplait Greek 100 Whips.  However, most of the time we travel with easier to manage snacks, like granola or breakfast bars, for example, this week we’ve been the Quaker Quinoa Granola bars, thanks to General Mills.  I am loving the Chocolate Nut Medley Quinoa Granola Bars, so they are a great snack for me.

My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSaveTreats.  Sometimes I need a little tool for bribing my Little Monkey, and a sticker or a tasty treat will do the trick.  He has a major sweet tooth.  Rencently, I’ve been making a sweet trail mix of Chex Mix Muddy Buddies, Cheerios, Raisins and chocolate chips.  That way if we have any crises or emergencies that require a reward, I have something ready and on hand to tempt the Little  Monkey with.
My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSave


One of the most common spots that we stop is Public.  It’s is my favorite location to buy snacks and groceries.  First, Publix is right down the street from us, but more importantly, I believe that the service and selection the best in our area grocery stores.  I really like doing my shopping there with my two little ones.  The Little Monkey is able to pick up a free cookie at the bakery so he can snack while we shop.  Even more importantly, one of the attendants always helps me to the car and unloads my groceries while I load up my little boys.  It saves me so much time, and makes me feel special.   It’s the little things when you are a mom that makes your life easier.  Right now, Publix and General Mills want to share something with you– for them, sharing means saving! Right now, all of my readers can save $5 on your $25 purchase of participating snacking items when you share with friends! These coupons are exclusively for Publix.  You can see all of the great snack options here, like Pepsi, Doritos, Chex Mix, Klondike Bars, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and assorted Quaker Granola Bars.

My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSave

General Mills in Partnership with Publix wants to share the opportunity to enjoy their snacks this summer, just like I have been doing.  They are giving away $15 in Paypal Cash for you to spend on whatever treats and snacks you want!  You can share some with your family and friends.  Even better, you can spend it on a nice cup of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to share with yourself– hey you’re a mom, you deserve it!

My Mom Made That: Succesful Trips in My Minivan with help from Publix #SnackShareSave

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