I was working on my schedule and plans for last week. There’s a lot going on right now for me. I’m sure it’s that way for you too. The seasons are changing, so it’s time to start looking ahead to the fall:  To the start of the school year. To the passing of another summer.  Time with children goes by so fast, and it’s so important to find ways to capture and enjoy every minute that goes flying by.

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My Little Peanut just turned 6 months old. Sigh— that means that he’s closer to being one and a toddler than he is a newborn.   Plus, the rambunctious Little Monkey is old enough to stand in the carpool line at preschool now, which I’m excited about, but I remember when he was the youngest in his class in the Babies room.

Those changes don’t really mean anything when I compare them to what is going on in the world of the Big One. That’s where time has become so critical. The Big One is going into Seventh Grade. Yes, SEVENTH! He’s a middle school pro now, and for some reason, he likes Middle school. Who likes Middle School? I mean, really—Middle School is supposed to suck, right? (Or was that just my experience? Please tell me that I’m not alone?) Regardless, he’s too cool for me these days. He can out YouTube me. He can text faster than me.

Did I mention that he’s taller than I am now? Did I mention that he’s wearing a size 11 shoe?

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My point is that it wasn’t that long ago that this awkward, pimply-but-cool, almost-teen was the age of my sweet Little Monkey.  In that picture above, my tween had just turned 3.  Almost the age of the Little Monkey.  He thought I was the coolest, funnest, best Mommy in the whole world. And I haven’t changed (that much), it’s just that he has and time has passed.

What I really need is more TIME with my Littles. The Littles are going to be Bigs before I know it, and are going to pass me by. I need to find a way to savor every sweet early morning snuggle, chubby hand pat, sticky kiss and leg hug that I can. Those moments are precious. And, so, so, so time-limited.

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When the first kiddo comes along, you don’t realize that. Or at least I didn’t.   I was rushing. I couldn’t wait for all of those special firsts. The first tooth, the first step, the first haircut. I couldn’t wait for any of them. I rushed them. I didn’t pay attention the way I had to the limited time I had to enjoy him at each different stage.  What I really need is a few more minutes in my day to love on them!

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Now that we are busy getting ready for back to school, we are checking off all of the boxes on our To-Do List.  We are busy buying school supplies, getting new pairs of jeans, and the obligatory haircuts.

This year we went to Great Clips for our back to school haircuts.  It was a wonderful way to get a few #moreminutes in our day because they have developed a scheduling app that allows moms and dads complete their online check in ahead of arriving at the salon.  It’s a great way to speed up checking the back-to-school haircut off your list!

If you are like me, with 3 kids in tow, with two of the little, anything you can do to save time is valuable. Besides, wouldn’t you like to do something special to enjoy those last moments of summer instead of waiting. Waiting is the best way to spend time with my family, and time after all is so valuable…don’t use it to make that To-Do List longer, but to spend time watching and reveling in the amazing little people that are your children.  (Need to find your nearest Great Clips?  Try here!)

After all, it won’t be long before they are riding off into the sunset without you. (The Big One circa 2005.)

My Mom Made That: Finding More Minutes Sponsored by Great Clips

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