Do you spend a lot of time in your car? It seems like I live in my Mommy-van! Given the amount of time that I’m in the car, I have a packed “diaper box” that has all of the tools that a busy, on-the-go family needs.  It travels with us in the van. The advantage of this method is that I don’t have to carry a bit diaper bag with me most of them time.   I would estimate that  90% of the time, I can entirely rely upon the supplies in my car diaper box.  Inside this container, there are diapers for both of the Little Boys.  A spare changing pad.  An outfit that is the right season and size for the Peanut.  A small blanket.  Sunglasses and sunhat for the kiddos– I switch these out for mittens and woolen hats in the fall and winter.  Tissues, bandages, and diaper ointment. My Moby Wrap.  Deodorant for me.  And wipes.  Lots of wipes.  Not just because I change a lot of diapers, but mainly because wipes are so useful that they are one of my most essential traveling supplies.

My Mom Made That: 11 Reasons to Keep Wipes In Your Car {Sponsored by Huggies}

I have learned that having Huggies wipes are a great way to clean up any messes that might appear in the car..  They have 101 uses in daily life (at least), but I can list 11 reasons that you should always have them in your car.  Huggies Wipes, are the only wipes with Triple Clean layers, which makes them extra tough and durable.

My Mom Made That: 11 Reasons to Keep Wipes In Your Car {Sponsored by Huggies}

Here are just a few of the ways that I use Huggies Wipes in my car:

#1 To Wipe Dirty Hands, Feet, Noses and Mouths.  Wipes aren’t just great for baby bottoms, they are great for any part of a a kiddo that is dirty, sticky or grimy.  What’s more, they are wonderful at removing  sand after playing at the beach or in the sandbox.  Just rub them on the sandy hands and feet and watch the sand fall away!

#2 To Clean the Crumbs from Carseats.  There is something about the strength, moisture, and texture of the Huggies wipe that makes it perfect for cleaning up seats full of little crumbs.  They are a lot like those disposable Swiffer sheets, but damp.  The Triple Clean layers do a phenomenal job at scooping and holding all of the messy crumbles in my car.

#3 To Use as Toilet Paper in Questionable Restrooms.  When you have kids, you have emergency potty breaks, and sometimes these breaks are in places that aren’t as tidy as you’d like.  Sometimes there isn’t toilet paper, or you’d rather not touch it.  When you’ve got Huggies Wipes, you never have to worry about not having toilet paper.

#4 To Wipe Up Spills on Floor Mats and Seats.  Huggies wipes seem to have this ability to get out stains quickly and thoroughly.  They don’t ball up and shred like paper towels, and are super absorbent.  If I notice that the Monkey has spilled his juice, or worse, his milk, having Huggies wipes on hand makes clean up a snap.

#5 To clean dust and dirt off of the center console and dashboard.  Sometimes when I’m driving I notice that the steering wheel is dirty or dusty, or my center console has dirt on it.  Cars with kids get dirty, and a quick scrub down with a wipe can make your mommy-van sparkle.

My Mom Made That: 11 Reasons to Keep Wipes In Your Car {Sponsored by Huggies}

#6 To wipe smudges and fingerprints off of CDs. We always seem to have smudgy little finger prints on DVDs and CDs.  If the Monkey wants to listen to his favorite CDs, sometimes I find that they aren’t playing well because of all of these smudges.  I can gently and thoroughly wipe down the CDs with my Huggies Wipes.

#7 To wipe smudges and fingerprints off of tablets and iPhones/Smartphones.  The Monkey loves to stream videos while we are driving, particularly if we are on the road for quite a while.  However, his use of my iPhone, or our tablet can lead to a very sticky device that isn’t quite as responsive as it should be.  Huggies wipes are a great way to get the sticky off my phone!

#8 To wipe down smelly and sweaty boys who have been playing hard outside (or camping.)  The Big One is becoming a teenager before my eyes, and sometimes he’s really smelly after a long day at school or a sports practice.  Wipes are a great way to quickly have him wipe down and stop some of the sweaty boy smell from collecting in my car.

#9 To Wipe Toys and Pacifiers.  When we are out and about, toys get dropped.  Pacifiers fall out of mouths.  Items get germy.  Even though I’m not a person who frets a great deal about germs, it is great to be able to quickly scrub down anything that might have fallen into an unsavory spot.

#10 Stain Removal on clothes.  Most of the time I run out of the house worrying about loading the kids in the car.  I’m so focused on getting some place on time that I overlook the spit up on my shoulder, or the deodorant mark on the side of my shirt.  Huggies Wipes are a great way to deal with these little issues.  They don’t pill up like tissues, and quickly remove the stain.

#11 Makeup Remover.  Maybe I’m the only one who does my makeup in the car, but I do.  I usually get where I am going, sit in the car and quickly put on a little eyeliner and foundation.  Sometimes it smears, sometimes it gets on my hands.  Often times I need to clean up a little mistake.  Having Huggies Wipes in my car is a wonderful and easy way to clean up any mess the makeup makes, on either my face or hands.


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