I have this cough.

It hurts, so bad.  It’s the cough that could be heard around the world, or at least around the house.  And it hurts.  My chest hurts.  My ears hurt, and it’s disrupting my sleep.

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Basically, I want it to stop.  With a passion, and I’ve gotten to the point where I will do almost anything to get rid of it.  Case in point, I read today an excellent post about Life Hacks on Princess Pinky Girl.

Great ideas by the way.  I’d definitely recommend that you check out the post.

Midway through the post I saw this one:

My Mom Made That: Sunday Confessional #3 (Image from Post  on Princess Pinky Girl)

Guess who is walking around, right now, wearing fuzzy, purple, slipper socks and has feet with Vick’s Vapo on them?  Yup, this girl! (As an aside, I love the smell of Vick’s Vapo– it reminds me of my grandmother.  She use to rub it on my throat and chest when I was sick as a little girl.  It smells like healing and love.)

Just in case you are ever wondering.  This Life Hack doesn’t work.  Not one little bit.  I felt a little cheated and deceived.

Of course, upon reviewing the more reliable Snopes.com site, I learned that this hack isn’t quite as reliable as it might appear on the internet.

I’d like to say that both of the kids have ear infections, so it’s not just me that is under the weather.  However, they don’t have coughs, just some crankiness.  Here’s a picture of us all try to recover.  Don’t you love how “cranky” the Peanut looks.  Yup, that’s him in an irritable mood.  (I have been blessed by a darling, sweet, sweet Peanut who cranky moods usually still involve smiles.)

My Mom Made that: Sunday Confessionals 3

It is amazing how quickly little kids bounce back.  Apparently, not so much for Mama.  The doctor told me that mothers with young children have the longest recovery.

Apparently we don’t follow the rules by putting the mask on ourselves first in the airplane.  Does anyone else feel guilty for being sick?  Like you are letting everyone else down around you?  Is it just me?

I saw this humorous infographic on Nickmom, and thought, how true.

My Mom Made That: Sunday Confessional #3 (Image from Post on Nickmom)

This isn’t completely true in our house– Mellow Man has been sick too, and took time off from work. He was actually more severely ill than I have been, but thankfully, he recovered more quickly.

That metaphor of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before your help others has really resonated with me.  Mainly because guilt about saying no is a huge struggle for me.  I want to say yes.  I want to please everyone and do everything.  As I was thinking about this, I found this lovely entry on a Life Coach Blog, where I also located the following quote and image:

My Mom Made That: Sunday Confessional #3 (Image Originally found on Bloom Lisa Coaching)

Do you have that People-pleasing-always-say-yes guilt? If you do, what do you do to handle it. If you don’t, how do you keep from feeling selfish?