Did you know that today, September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day? I had never heard of National Teddy Bear Day before, but I’m kind of glad that today was it. About two weeks ago, I got 3 super soft and cuddly teddy bears in the mail from Snuggle. The instructions I had were to have my kiddos enjoy a bear and to share the others. Well, we are dealing with some sharing issues around here right now. Namely, the Monkey isn’t too keen on sharing with the Peanut. It’s hard been almost three, and having to be patient and give your toys to your baby brother. However, what the Monkey did love, was that both he and “my baby brother” got a bear and even better, the two bears matched.  We did have one extra bear, and the Monkey had a friend who was having a rough time with a daddy who wasn’t feeling so well.  The Monkey and I talked, and we decided to give her the bear.

My Mom Made That: National Teddy Bear Day ShareABear Title

So this afternoon, this fuzzy guy and I drove over to #ShareABear and some love to a little girl who probably could stand a few extra cuddles.

We’ve needed the extra love around here too because my Littles have been sick for quite a few weeks.  Thankfully, as of today, National Teddy Bear Day, the Monkey is well (for the time being!)  The Peanut still is congested and working through his cold.  Luckily, his Snuggle Bear has brought him a few smiles.

I think there is always someone who needs a few extra cuddles, and could stand a teddy bear.  When the Big One was a toddler, he called them soft toys.  He had a bed full of soft toys, and he carried a few of those friends everywhere he went.  Snuggle is trying make sure that kids in need have a special friend to hug and share secrets with, so today, on National Teddy Bear Day, they are giving away 5000 teddy bears to kids in need.  Kids who need a snuggle and a hug.

I’m sure that you know someone who could use a Teddy Bear and a hug from a friend, so right now, I have a giveaway going on to #ShareABear this #SeptemBEAR with you.  You can enter to win $40, enough for a Teddy Bear to keep and a Teddy Bear to share!

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