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I love Diet Coke.  I mean I love it.  I’m sitting here typing these words with a can of Diet Coke next to me.  And here’s the thing– I will only drink Diet Coke. I make restaurant choices based on the type of soft drinks they carry.   Hey, I’m an Atlanta girl, there is no product in this city other than Coca-Cola!  About a month ago, the Mellow Man came home with a 12-pack of Diet Coke cans, and pointed out that there was new design on cans.  If you haven’t check out a Diet Coke bottle recently, you should!  Just like the bottles and cans with names, there is now a new can and bottle design for the “It’s Mine” campaign with Diet Coke.  The cans have this cool tie-dye looking design, but the bottles, now that’s where the true beauty is.  They are all so different, and so colorful.  I decided to collect the 12 ounce bottles (larger than the traditional 8 ounce bottle) to create a Diet Coke Bottle Wreath.

My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle Wreath

The “It’s Mine” Diet Coke bottles are available at many different locations, but I found a large collection of the 12 ounce bottles at my local Kroger.  There are so many different patterns and designs, and no two are exactly the same.

My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle Wreath

If you’d like to make your own Diet Coke Bottle Wreath with these amazing bottles, here’s what you need to do. (Or at least what I did!) First, I bought 16 of the 12oz bottles. I ended up only using 12, but depending on the size of the wreath, you may need more or less. I also overpurchased so that I would have options for different bottle designs.
Diet Coke Wreath Paint CollageI then used the DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint because I think it has the best “shimmery” and “rich” metallic coverage in any paint I’ve found.   I used Silver paint, but I also think that a shimmery red paint would be very pretty with these bottles.  I bought a 12-inch and 18-inch wooden wreath form.  If you don’t want to use two circles, you could also buy a piece of plywood and using a jig saw to cut one large wooden circle.  The reason that you need to use both wreath forms, or one large piece of plywood is that it is important to provide support at multiple points– these bottles are heavy!

My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle Wreath

I taped the two wreath forms together after centering the 12 inch form within the 18 inch form.  I then played with the bottles to get an idea of how to arrange them.  I got the strongest industrial adhesive I had at home, so I used E-6000 Glue to adhere the bottles.  You could also use Liquid Nails.  Whatever you choose to use, you must select nn extremely strong adhesive is needed to make sure that the bottles don’t fall off the form.

 My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle WreathPut generous amounts of adhesive on both of the wreath forms.  And don’t rush!  I started with the bottles in the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and allowed those 4 bottles to dry before moving on.

 My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle WreathAfter the bottle had been drying a while, I used a tooth pick to go into the crevices and add more adhesive.  Again, my goal was to ensure a strong seal.

 My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle Wreath

I then went through and added the rest of the bottles, in two more waves.  I moved to the 1, 4, 7 and 10 o’clock positions, and then attached the last four bottles.  Let the adhesive dry, thoroughly dry, for 24 hours.

 My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle WreathWhile the wreath was drying, I decided to go through and use the Diet Coke caps.  Honestly, I was going to make a bracelet with them, but I started playing with them, and decided that they would add to the design of the wreath.

Diet Coke Wreath-5

The last step is to put a hook on the back. Again, don’t rush, but used strong adhesive, and wire to adhere a hook onto the back of the wreath.  Treat this like you are hanging a mirror, so use strong adhesive and strong wire.

Diet Coke Wreath-6

Now I have a wreath to show off my love of Diet Coke, and it’s #UniquelyMine!  (And even if I made it again, the wreath wouldn’t look exactly the same because of the design of the bottles!)  What’s a way that you could make these new Diet Coke Bottles #UniquelyMine!