This past week I was watching the Big One at a game, and I saw a heavier boy charge directly at him, slam into his body and send him first into the air and then into the ground.  The wind was knocked out of the both of us, literally!  As you may remember, we have not allowed the Big One to play football because of the risks for severe head injuries, but that doesn’t mean that sports like soccer, flag football and basketball don’t involve contact.  And fear and worry for parents.  I strongly and firmly believe that having your children engage in athletics has wonderful benefits for their physical, social and psychological wellbeing.  That being said, mothers worry.  I do feel that Storelli is a brand that helps alleviate the anxiety that a mother feels with the creation of their BodyShield Sliders.


The Big One is a big fan of the Storelli product line, and he feels that it offers added protection from the everyday crashes, slides and collisions of the game. There is a Dark Side of the Game that involves serious injuries, and any company who can find ways to keep our children safe is one that is going to get my attention.  In the game of soccer, Turf Burns from sliding across the field are a common injury for youth and adult players, and the sliders by Storelli Sports are a wonderful way to prevent and reduce these injuries.

Turf Burn Infographic

The other reason that my Big One loves the Storelli Sports line of gear is the fact that the gear is lightweight, breathable and allows a full range of motion.  It fits easily under uniforms, but still provides protection. (Granted this gear is designed to reduce the common injuries of Soccer, but is not going to prevent severe and atypical soccer or sports-related injuries).  It is a great first line of defense to

What sports do your children play?  Since so many children around the world play soccer, I encourage you to check out Storelli Sports!  Right now, you can get %15 percent off of any of their products with the code: BURN15!