Remember how I made a pillow cover for Valentine’s Day for one of the throw pillows on our family room couch? I very reluctantly removed the cover several days after Valentine’s Day. I loved the ease of the envelope cover that I created, and I really liked the softness of the flannel.  The boys seemed to like it too, and I found Frog snuggling against it.  I decided to make a couple of everyday covers that we could use when the house wasn’t being decorated for a holiday.  (Although I’m still considering making pillow covers for every holiday, as it’s such an easy project!)

My Mom Made That: Ric Rac and Chevron Pillow Covers

I have some floor pillows that Frog uses when playing the Wii or watching TV that are red with a wavy pattern.  I thought using jumbo ric rac would duplicate the pattern in the fabric.  I attached the Ric Rac first, prior to making the pillow envelope. This pillow is a 24″ x 24″ pillow, so it’s nice and cozy to rest your head on.

My Mom Made That: Ric Rac Pillow Cover

I also bought Riley Blake chevron fabric for the smaller 18″ square pillows.  It’s not flannel, but I thought the covers turned out beautifully too.  And now, I have pillow covers that I can toss in the washing machine whenever Monkey spits up on them (yes, he still has acid reflux!), or I spill some Diet Dr. Pepper on them.  I can’t wait to make a few more, particularly when each cover only takes about 20 minutes to make!

My Mom Made That: Pillow Covers